Please also see the following products which are part of the Walls brand:
Swedish Glace
Ben and Jerrys
Breyers Delight
Walls Soft Scoop
Mini Milk
Carte D’Or

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We spoke to Walls/Magnum on 2nd August 2019 and can confirm all of the Cornetto Ice Cream Cones are halal.

Further, the Ice Creams contain Calf Rennet and Vegetarians exclude Calf Rennet from their diet because rennet is extracted from the stomach of a calf or a similar animal and in order to extract the rennet, the animal will need to be slaughtered. Thus the products are rightly unsuitable for vegetarians.

However, in this instance, as it is calf rennet, they will be permissible to consume by Muslims. Please read our post on Calf Rennet in Islam. is a not for profit website. Please support us by spreading the word on We also have recipes, scholars biographies and many articles. You can share this post using the share links below.

Every effort has been made to assess each Cornetto product individually.
The following products are Halal:


– Cornetto Classico
– Cornetto Strawberry 
– Cornetto Mint
– Cornetto Peanut Butter Love
– Cornetto Cookies & Dream
– Cornetto Honeycomb Crunch
– Cornetto Choc ‘N’ Caramel Crunch
– Cornetto Free (Made With Soy & Gluten Free)
– Cornetto Lemon Buttermilk
– Cornetto Chocolate
– Cornetto Honeycomb Crunch
– Cornetto Choc ‘N’ Ball
– Cornetto Choc ‘N’ Ball Strawberry
– Cornetto Choc ‘N’ Ball Vanilla
– Cornetto Soft Choc Chip
– Cornetto Soft Strawberry
– Cornetto Soft Vanilla
– Cornetto Soft Caramel

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

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