Our Process

Our Process

We are in our third year of reviewing products and continue to refine our process. Here is a simplified process we use to confirm if the product is Halal.

  1. Look at the ingredients on the back. This includes checking e-numbers, carmine, gelatine, etc as well as enquiring about ingredients we are not too sure about.
  2. Check for any Vegetarian or Halal logos. This may support that the product is halal but it can also be misleading. On the one hand, the product may be suitable for Muslims even if not suitable for vegetarians for example, if it contains calf rennet, on the other hand, it may be suitable for vegetarians and contain alcohol.
  3. We then contact the brand manufacturer, either by email or phone. We clarify the status of products. Any halal certificates? Ethanol in products? Whether any ingredients are animal-derived? We ask about cross-contamination possibilities.
  4. On occasion, if we need to speak to scholars, we will do so.
  5. We draft our posts and do a final review before publishing.
  6. We track all our products and try to back each one with an email confirmation.

Please note we are non profit and this service is ran by volunteers.

2 thoughts on “Our Process

  1. Hi, I notice that alot of the sauces from Heinz brand contains spirit vinegar. I just wanted to know if this is permissible for consumption. (since it is derived from alcohol)

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