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theHalalLife.co.uk was launched to address ongoing concerns of British Muslims about halal products. Many of us strive to earn Halal and eat Halal, so we endeavour to make this easier for you by contacting manufacturers directly to determine whether a product is halal or not.

We are also independent of any organisation, sect or influence. We do however base the final verdict on the Hanafi school as its the predominant school in the UK, but will where necessary point out difference of opinions.

We also work with scholars to write Islamic articles and fiqh rulings on key areas like alcohol use, gambling and seafood.

We accept submissions from our visitors. If you wish to share an Islamic article, use the Contact Page to send us a message. We now have a dedicated home chef who will add Halal recipes from time to time.

You can read more on our process here.

This site is not for profit, we use Google Ads to support administrative costs. You can view our privacy policy here: thehalallife.co.uk/privacypolicy

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As of our Launch in December 2017, over 1,000,000 people have visited our site and 1,800,000 pages have been viewed. The most popular pages being Sensations, Magnum and Haagen Dazs

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