Welcome to The Halal Life.

theHalalLife.co.uk was launched to address ongoing concerns of halal products by practising British Muslims. Many of us strive to earn Halal and eat Halal.

As the platform is developed, we at theHalalLife will strive to provide information on Halal products available in the UK. We can make official enquiries on your behalf. As well as this we may from time to time share articles on contemporary issues, all articles will be signed off by a Hanafi Islamic Scholar.

We are also independent of any organisation, sect or influence. We will endeavour to answer questions in accordance to the Hanafi Fiqh, however can provide answers for other School of thought too.

This site is not for profit, We use Google Ads to support administration costs. 

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As of March 2018, we have helped more than 45,000 people.