Are Scallops halal?

Are Scallops halal?

Scallops may refer to the seafood, or a thin potato slice fried in batter or a thin potato slice paired with some fish (cod/haddock) in batter. Consider the images below.

Seafood 60 North
Raw Scallop
Potato Scallop
Fish Potato Scallop

Scallops as in the seafood will be considered haram because they are not considered fish in the Hanafi School. They are considered to be the same as Mollusca families. The same ruling here also applies to Oyster.

Please refer to out Seafood Fiqh post.

The other types of Scallop will be halal but we advise to make sure:

  1. The batter does not contain any animal fat nor any alcohol. If the animal fat is from a halal animal, then this is fine.
  2. There isn’t any cross-contamination between the frying of haram foods and the fish. Most Fish and Chip shops in the UK do have a separate fry for vegetarians/pescatarians so do not be shy to ask!

The other three schools permit eating all three.

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