The Muslim with Knowledge Skill and Attitude

The Muslim with Knowledge Skill and Attitude

You may have heard of the the ASK Model. Let’s use it to become better Muslims.

Knowledge is information, this comes from facts, experience or even concepts.

Skill is having the ability to do something. Sometimes we pick these up naturally and other times it takes a bit of practice. Think of touch typing or even kicking a ball in a straight line.

Attitudes refers to a persons demeanour in achieving something. You may have knowledge of maths and the skill to work out difficult formulas but your attitude might be lazy and apathetic. It’s attitude that gets the job done.

If you don’t have skills, it can be acquired. If you don’t have knowledge, it can be gained. But, if you don’t have the right attitude, you are in trouble.

The Triangle

These three go hand in hand.

You may have knowledge of a car, the spec memorised and the right attitude to sell but if you don’t have interpersonal skills and you can’t build rapport then you’ll find it hard to sell.

You may have skill in football and attitude to win but if you can’t understand the game play, the score and tactics, then again you will struggle.

You may have knowledge of healthy eating and skill in knowing how to use the gym but your attitude may lack.


In Surah Taha, Verse 114 reads ‘…O my Lord! advance me in knowledge’. Knowledge is key to the faith, it is a guiding light and is stressed upon to obtain by the tradition.

This certainly does not limit it to memorising the Kalimas or knowing various ahadith but exposure to a variety of fields. It’s the knowledge in improving your life and the world around you. So proudly advance in science, and geology or fashion.

Sometimes we feel we have know knowledge, we don’t have ‘general knowledge’, or don’t know where to start. But we all have access to the internet, let looks at how we can do this.

Your dad mentions he wants you to prepare a presentation on Brexit. You could start looking at News sites, Books, Wikipedia. Then speak to friends on their opinion. There is always more than one perspective and others might know something you do not. This is a process in you gaining knowledge. Over time you build a bank of knowledge.

Look at the above example, we had knowledge that information is available on the internet, we had the skill on searching the internet and our curiosity meant our attitude was on par.

This is essentially the key, in small tasks, we succeed if we use these three.


In the presentation, it is your skill that will allow you to present the knowledge gained. You need to communicate clearly and confidently. You need to articulate your findings in a convincing manner.

Similarly as Muslims, we should be practicing what we know, we should use the knowledge to benefit us. If you constantly build a bank of knowledge, don’t allow it to be redundant.


But all this.. the knowledge and skill.. do not help, if the attitude is not there. If you do it because of your fathers authority over you or just to tick a box. Then you’ve gone in with a weak attitude. You may present, but it will be a weak presentations.

A Muslim is focused on doing a good job. If you work for someone, have an attitude to succeed for the company. If you’re married, have an attitude to make your partners day better. If you’re a student, focus on achieving excellent results so that you find it easier later.

To conclude, a Muslim with knowledge, skill and attitude, does not just apply to seeking knowledge of religious sciences, but in what ever work you pursue. As long as you remember the golden triangle, you will be successful.

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