Advanced: 60 Quiz Night Questions about the Quran

Advanced: 60 Quiz Night Questions about the Quran

Welcome to our Advanced Quran Quiz. We’ve compiled a useful list of Question and Answers on the Quran. We’re also looking at a Q and A Quiz on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him.

You will need 3 people. You will need one person to referee and two to play. Each question is 10 points. Only 15 seconds allowed per question. Answers need to be exact but referee has the discretion to award points.

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The Questions

Questions 1 – 10
  1. In which Surah is the verse where Allah commanded the believers to send Darood up Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
    Answer: Surah 33
  2. Alcohol, sacrificing on idols, divining arrows, and what else is haram according to Surah Maidah, verse 90?
    Answer: Gambling
  3. We are told not to consume interest, what else are we not to consume?
    Answer: Wealth of the orphan
  4. How many prophets are mentioned in the Quran?
    Answer: 25
  5. What are the names of the 4 surahs in juz 30 recommended to read before bed?
    Answer: 4 Quls
  6. Which Surah carries the weight of a 1/3 of the Quran?
    Answer: Surah Ahad
  7. True or False: The Quran says knock before entering.
    Answer: True
  8. True or False: The Prophet ‘Esa is mentioned more times in the Qur’an than Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them)
    Answer: True
  9. Which Surah has the name ‘Allah’ in every verse?
    Answer: Surah Mujalidah
  10. What is the Iddat for a Window
    Answer: 4 months and 10 days
Questions 11 – 20
  1. Who compiled the Quran?
    Answer: Abu Bakr
  2. Who standardised the Quran
    Answer: Uthman
  3. What is the literal meaning of the Quran?
    Answer: “that which is being read”
  4. How old was the Prophet when he received the first revelation?
    Answer: 40 years old
  5. Was the Quran revealed in order?
    Answer: No
  6. What is Manzil?
    Answer: Quran divided into 7 parts to be completed in 1week
  7. How often did Muhammad recite the Quran in Ramadan to Jibril (peace be upon them)?
    Answer: Once every Ramadhan
  8. How many times did he recite the Ramadan before his death
    Answer: Twice in Ramadhan
  9. What are the verses of prostration?
    Answer: Verses where the reader and listener must prostrate
  10. How many are there?
    Answer: 14
Questions 21 – 30
  1. How many times is the word Quran used in the Quran?
    Answer: The word Quran is used 70 times in the Holy Quran.
  2. What is the longest verse?
    Answer: Surah Al-Baqarah verse number 282, Ayatul Kursi.
  3. Which Surah is the Umm ul Quran
    Answer: Quran, Surah Al-Fatiha
  4. How many rewards of reciting one letter
    Answer: There are 10 rewards against reading a single letter
  5. The words Man and Woman appear an equal number of times in Quran, how many?
    Answer: 24.
  6. What is the best night mentioned?
    Answer: The best night mentioned in the Quran is Laylatul Qadr.
  7. Which 3 mosques are mentioned in the Quran?
    Masjid-ul-Haram (Makkah), Masjid-ul-Aqsa (Jerusalem), Masjid Qubaa (near Madinah).
  8. What are Haroof Muqa’at?
    Answer: Nobody knows their true meanings
  9. True or False: The Quran specifically stipulates the Mahrams in Islam
    Answer: True
  10. Whose throne did Suliman overtake?
    Answer: Queen of Sheba
Questions 31 – 40
  1. Which is the verse known as the verse of the wealth?
    Answer: Surah Waqiah
  2. How many days for everything to be created?
    Answer: 6 periods
  3. Who accompanied Moosa on his travel?
    Answer: Khidr
  4. What surah is recommended to be read on Friday?
    Answer: Surah Kahf
  5. Who are the people of Kahf?
    Answer: People who slept for 300 years in the cave
  6. Who are the two fallen angels?
    Answer: Harut and Marut
  7. Whose innocence was declared in the Quran?
    Answer: Aisha
  8. In which verse is the verse of the hijab in the Quran?
    Answer: Surah Nur
  9. True or False: The Quran is specific in inheritance law?
    Answer: True
  10. What act as pegs for the earth?
    Answer: Mountains
Questions 41 – 50
  1. Which four Prophets are direct descendants?
    Answer: Ibrahim > Ishaq > Yaqub > Yusuf
  2. What did the Jews worship when Moosa left for Sinai?
    Answer: The Cow
  3. Who were the 6 men that visited Ibrahim?
    Answer: Angels
  4. What did the angels come to give him glad tidings of?
    Answer: Birth of a son, ishaq
  5. After that where did they head to?
    Answer: People of Lut
  6. What were the people of Lut destroyed for?
    Answer: Homosexuality
  7. What was Noah instructed to construct?
    Answer: A ship
  8. What will people be tested with?
    Answer: Fear, and hunger, and with some loss of wealth, lives, and offspring.
  9. Who does satan not prostrate to?
    Answer: Adam
  10. What are two things God gives permission to adorn in?
    Answer: Clothes and food
Questions 51 – 60
  1. Who did Moses see in Sinai?
    Answer: Reflection of Allah
  2. Who did Moses ask Allah to make a Prophet also?
    Answer: His brother Haroon
  3. Who did Moses face and who did Ibrahim face?
    Answer: Pharaoh and Nimrod respectively
  4. Who are the three groups of people mentioned in surah Waqia?
    Answer: People of the right, left and the people of the foremost
  5. When is the last hour?
    Answer: Only Allah knows
  6. What was Yunus swallowed by?
    Answer: A Whale
  7. What did Yusuf see in his dream?
    Answer: 11 stars (planets) prostrating to him
  8. What was Yusuf real brothers name?
    Answer: Binyamin
  9. Who locked up Yajuj and Majuj
    Answer: Dhul Qarnain
  10. Who was punished by being thrown into the Fire?
    Answer: Ibraheem

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