This page relates to Mentos, Last updated March 2022. Every effort has been made to assess each Mentos product individually. Some of the products contain gelatine and carmine but these can easily vary even by pack size. So double-check every pack.

The ingredient in question is, the colouring in some of the Mentos is Carminic Acid, which is classified as haram., as well as Gelatine.

We can confirm that we do not use alcohol based products in our manufacturing process.


Mentos Gum

  • Mentos Gum Peppermint Bottle 90pcs
  • Mentos Gum Peppermint Bottle 42pcs
  • Mentos Gum Spearmint Bottle 90pcs
  • Mentos Gum Spearmint Bottle 42pcs
  • Mentos Gum Air Action Bottle 42pcs
  • Mentos Gum Bubble Fresh Bottle 42pcs
  • Mentos Gum White – Peppermint Flavour 40 Piece
  • Mentos Gum White – Spearmint Flavour 40 Pieces
  • Mentos Gum White – Bubble Fresh Flavour 40 Pieces
  • Mentos Gum White – Peppermint Flavour 15 Pieces
  • Mentos Gum White – Spearmint Flavour 15 Piece
  • Mentos Gum White – Bubble Fresh Flavour 15 Pieces
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Freshmint Roll 8pcs
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Tropical Roll 8pcs
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Spearmint Roll 8pcs
  • Mentos Spearmint Flavoured Gum Spearmint Big Bottle
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Tropical Big Bottle 50pcs
  • Mentos Freshmint Flavoured Gum Freshmint Big Bottle
  • Mentos Stay Free Menthol Eucalyptus Flip Top
  • Mentos Stay Free Mint Flip Top
  • Mentos Fruit Mix
  • Mentos Mint Mix
  • Mentos Fruit 175g Bag
  • Mentos Mint 175g Bag
  • Mentos Fruit 135g Bag
  • Mentos Mint 135g Bag
  • Mint Chews 200g Bag
  • Mentos Mint Crumbles 200g Bag
  • Mentos Fruit Roll
  • Mentos Mint Roll
  • Mentos Fruit 4 Pack
  • Mentos Mint 4 Pack
  • Mentos Fruit 5 Pack
  • Mentos Mint 5 Pack
  • Mentos Spearmint Roll
  • Mentos Choco & Mint Roll
  • Mentos Choco & Caramel Roll
  • Mentos Chewy & Fresh Lemon Mint Candy 90pcs
  • Mentos Mint 3 Pack
  • Mentos Fruit 3 Pack
  • Mentos Spearmint 4 Pack
  • Mentos Choco & Mint 3 Pack
  • Mentos Choco & Caramel 3-Pack
  • Mentos Rainbow Roll
  • Mentos Juice Burst Gum

Mentos Gum

  • Mentos Gum Peppermint 5 Pack
  • Mentos Gum Spearmint 5 Pack
  • Mentos Gum Pure Fresh Bubble Fresh Roll
  • Mentos Chewy & Fresh Peppermint Candy 90pcs
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Cherry Big Bottle 50pcs

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

29 thoughts on “Mentos

  1. Brother you have made a mistake in the second box that’s highlighted in red, it is labelled as ‘suitable for consumption’ but it’s supposed to be written ‘HARAM’ as far as my understanding. And JazakAllah for the informative research 🙂

    1. Salam I dont believe these are sold in the UK. We would need to see the ingredients. You can look out for carmine and gelatine on the back of the pack.

      1. Thank you very much your reply. I visited the UK website for Mentos and it does state on there that the Mentos Rainbow Sku has Carmine in it. I have raised this with the company and have had an email from head office who have stated that this no longer contains Carmine and that the website will be updated in due course.

  2. Hi, I work for Mentos UK (Perfetti Van Meĺle) and after seeing this post about mentos containing Carmine, I decided to do some further research. It is true that Mentos had Carmine as an ingredient, but this has now changed and Mentos Rainbow ? are suitable for vegetarians and or halal diets. The UK website is being updated as I write this post.

  3. What about sugarfree Mentos pure fresh strawberry flavour 15pcs… Is it halal?????

    I don’t think that you put it one the list!!!

  4. Hi is Indonesian grape (anguur) flavoured mentos halal?? it might not be sold in the uk but please do some research and help me. Would be a big help for me!

  5. Salamz pls clarify about mentos marbels sour ? It’s my favourite and I have done so much research regarding that but still am in doubt ..

  6. Salaam brother
    I’m a little confused,
    I live in UK and the fruit mentos (3 rolls in pack) do not state they are ‘Suitable for Vegetarian “
    Am I to understand they are not Halal?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Sister Nagma

  7. Salam alaikum
    Is mentos mint made in vietnam under license from Nederland, and sold in UAE halal?
    Ehsan Afridi
    Karachi Pakistan

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