Hovis Bread

Hovis Bread

This page relates to Hovis Bread, Last updated Nov 2020. Every effort has been made to assess each Hovis product individually.

Hovis confirm all emulsifiers and e920 originate from vegetable sources.


White Bread

  • Soft White Medium Sliced
  • Soft White Thick Sliced
  • Soft White Extra Thick Sliced
  • Farmhouse Soft White Bread
  • Bloomer

Wholemeal Bread

  • Wholemeal Medium Sliced
  • Wholemeal Thick Sliced
  • Wholemeal Small Loaf
  • Lower Carb Wholemeal†
  • Farmhouse Wholemeal
  • Seed Sensations® Wholemeal
  • Granary® Wholemeal

Best of Both Bread

  • Best of Both® Medium Sliced
  • Best of Both® Thick Sliced

Seeded Bread

  • Seed Sensations® Original
  • Seed Sensations® Original Small Loaf
  • Seeded Half Loaf
  • Seeded Batch
  • Seeded Batch Small Loaf
  • Lower Carb Seeded†
  • Seed Sensations® Wholemeal
  • Seed Sensations® Sunflower & Pumpkin

Malted Grain Bread

  • Granary® Medium Sliced
  • Granary® Thick Sliced
  • Granary® Small Loaf
  • Granary® Wholemeal

Wheatgerm Bread

  • Wheatgerm Small Loaf

Lifestyle Choices Bread

  • Lower Carb Wholemeal†
  • Seeded Half Loaf
  • Lower Carb Seeded†
  • Nimble® Wholemeal
  • Fabulous Fibre
  • Glorious Gains

Regional Brands Breads

  • Ormo®
  • Hovis® Live Good™
  • Mothers Pride®

Morning Goods Bread

  • Pancakes
  • Fluffy, delicious and perfect for the whole family
  • Ormo® Morning Goods
  • West Country

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Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

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