Chupa Chups Lollies

Chupa Chups Lollies

Chupa Chups are popular lollies sold in the UK. You may find varied opinion on whether the products are suitable or not. Chups Chups are working to make products halal/suitable for vegetarians. Some use carmine whereas others use beetroot, e.g. The Standard strawberry uses beetroot and the Strawberry Sugar Free uses carmine.

It may be the products in the haram list become halal. We will try to update this list but please review the ingredients yourself too. Last updated Jan 2021.

Every effort has been made to assess each Chupa Chups product individually. The following are halal:



  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Cherry


  • Strawberry-Cream
  • Cacao-Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Milky bag 120


  • Strawberry XXL
  • Cola XXL
  • Apple XXL

Bubble Gum

  • Cherry Bubble Gum
  • Bubble Gum Display 40

Best Of’ flavours

  • Strawberry
  • Cola
  • Apple
  • Raspberry
  • Raspberry-Vanilla
  • Strawberries cream
  • The Best Of Bag 10
  • The Best Of Wheel 200
  • The Best Of Bag 120
  • The Best Of Display 50
  • The Best Of Tube

Best of MINI’ flavours

  • Strawberry mini
  • Cola mini
  • Apple mini
  • Orange mini

Sugar Free’ flavours

  • Cola Sugar Free

Melody Pops’ flavours

  • Strawberry Melody Pops
  • Melody pop blister
  • Melody pop display

Sour Infernals

  • Sour Infernals Lollipop Bag
  • Sour Infernals Lollipop Tube

Sugar Free’ flavours

  • Cherry Sugar Free
  • Strawberry Sugar Free
  • Sugar Free Babol Bottle

Crazy Dips’ flavours

  • Strawberry Crazy Dips
  • Crazy Dips 24

‘Big Babol’ flavours

  • Sugar Free Babol Bottle
  • Tutti Frutti Big Babol
  • Strawberry Big Babol

Cotton Candy’ flavours

  • Tutti Frutti Cotton Candy

‘Stix’ flavours

  • Cherry Stix

Sour Infernals

  • Sour Infernals Jellies Bag
  • Sour Infernals Chews Bag
  • Sour Infernals Gum Display Box

Sweet Inspiration

  • Sushi
  • Pizza
  • Mini Candy Pizza

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

7 thoughts on “Chupa Chups Lollies

  1. i’ve read on chupa chups lollipop website that XXL lollipops contain a substance extracted from an insect how can you call it halal ?

    1. Can you please email us a screenshot of this claim. I believe the strawberry flavour contains e162 which is beetroot extract.

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