Prayer Services on Motorway

Prayer Services on Motorway

So here’s your guide to service stations in the UK!

There are a number of service stations in the UK that have prayer facilities now. In this guide, we’ve listed all the Motorway Service Stations that provide a place to perform wudu and pray salah.

These rooms are generally Multi-Faith, Quite or Contemplation Rooms, so we must remember that they are not solely for Muslims. Muslims should be respectful towards other faiths and people using the rooms. Such rooms are not a right, rather a privilege, so we advise you to be courteous when using facilities.

In terms of Wudu, some have special facilities and others will have showers available for use. If you end up using a disabled toilet or the sinks then remember, it doesn’t take long to find some paper to soak up the water. You may also want to consider buying some waterproof socks. This means you can wipe over the top and be on your way.

Even where there isn’t a room, you’ll find that the majority will have large car parks, so you can easily find a patch of grass, or pray by your car at the stations. I’ve never been questioned or heckled at whilst praying, so Insha’Allah there should be no problems for you either!

The majority of service stations will have the following facilities:

  • Gents toilets
  • Ladies toilets
  • Disabled toilets
  • Baby changing
  • Changing rooms
  • Free Shower

So feel free to stop at any and refresh your Wudu.

We’ve listed below Motorway Service Stations with prayers facilities. There is also a Qibla here.

Alhamdulillah, there are Muslims in the majority of cities and towns off the motorway, so you’re also only 5-10 minutes to a Masjid.

The majority of airports have Wudu and Prayer room facilities.

If you’ve been to a service station that has facilities and not listed below, please leave a comment.


Toddington Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility (Next to petrol station)
Between Junction 11–12 Southbound, or If Northbound walk over the bridge.
Dunstable, LU5 6HR

Trowell Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility
Between Junctions 25 and 26 Southbound, or if Northbound walk over the bridge.
Trowell, Nottingham, NG9 3PL

Woolley Edge Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility
Between Junction 38 and 39


Hilton Park Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility
Junction 10A, Southbound, if Northbound then over the bridge and right
Wolverhampton, Essington, WV11 2AT

Lancaster Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility
Between Junction 32 and 33
White Carr Ln, Lancaster, LA2 9DU

Rivington Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility M61
Between Junction 6 and 7,
Horwich, BL6 5UZ


Leigh Delamere Motorway Services
Multi-faith Facility
Between Junctions 17 and 18
Leigh Delamere,
Chippenham, SN14 6LB

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