What’s the difference between these Islamic Terms

What’s the difference between these Islamic Terms


Rahma is usually translated as Mercy. When we convey Rahma or wish to receive it, it means a nurturing love, a hope, a relief.


Barakah is usually translated as blessings. This is a form of continuous divine grace or positive energy.


Khair means good, better or best; it is the opposite of bad and evil. It also refers to prosperity.


Hasanat usually refers to an accumulation of good deeds. On the Last Day it is our Hasanat that will be weighed.


Ajr refers to usually reward, think of it like recompense for an action.


Sawab or thawab refers to spiritual merit or reward that accrues from the performance of good deeds and piety


Ni’mah refers to blessings or bounty received from Allah.


Fadl refers to favour


Amal refers to actions or deeds, you can have them either way. Good amaal may be referred to as hasanaat


Afiya is to be away from pain, suffering and hardships so in contentment


Salam means peace.. as in harmlessness, safety and protection from evil and from faults

Salle or Salawat

Salle refers to a special form of prayer on the Prophet.. referring to a positive loving conveyance with no regret, no hypocrisy and no holding back.

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