A Shaykh visits KFC suppliers

A Shaykh visits KFC suppliers

We have some new information regarding the stance on outlets like KFC, Shaykh Abu Yusha Yasin along with other scholars investigated the suppliers of such outlets and the practices of HFA. The Shaykh States:

“I have spent the day today at a Halal Chicken Slaughterhouse with some well respected Ulema from Blackburn who represent some of the largest Islamic institutions in the area.

The Ulema had reservations and skepticism about the halal status of chicken which are stunned before slaughter. This had previously led to confusing statements about the halal status of KFC Halal Stores due to the question mark and reservations regarding the halal status of stunned chicken before slaughter.

In the meeting the Halal Food Authority (HFA) who are responsible for certifying the halal slaughter facility and KFC Halal stores explained their standards and how they work. Following a site visit and detailed inspection of the stunning process, all Ulema who visited unanimously agreed that their misconceptions about the halal status of stunned and slaughtered chicken had been completely dispelled. They had commented that much of the misconceptions was down to misinformation and myths created about the stunning process. Alhamdulillah!

InshaAllah there will be more formal outcomes to the meeting but it has been great to see Ulema who are sincere to the Haqq and are not interested in serving their own interests but in fact the interests of the Ummah in light of the Quran and Sunnah!”

Therefore based on this opinion, it would be incorrect to assume KFC is haraam.

You can read of HMC’s official response on HMC response to KFC stunning

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