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This brand has been listed as a Boycott Brand by the Witness. You can read more information here: KFC | Israel Boycott Guide | by The Witness

Is KFC Halal?

KFC is popular amongst many Muslims in the UK but is it halal? With outlets throughout the whole country and internationally, it prides itself on meeting the demands of th e market. However many avoid such restaurant because they aren’t really halal.

This is largely because the certifier is Halal Food Authority (HFA). The Halal Food Authority monitors and assesses their activity, and have certified some stores as Halal. This organisation is run by Muslims but differ in Zabiha methodology with other scholars, mainly due to stunning views. However this does not make it haram.

It really boils down to you and your taqwa. As Muslims we put our trust in scholars to define and implement Islamic law. In this case, there is some disagreement. You can read on Stunning Animals here. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you want to accept HFA’s argument or that of a more traditional stance from HMC.

As always if in doubt, we can all do without KFC, there are many, just as good halal outlets.

Have a read of the statement fro m KFC: https://www.kfc.co.uk/halal

Another key consideration for us was that we were able to ensure that the halal certified chicken would also meet the rigorous animal welfare standards we employ in the UK, and we consulted leading animal welfare groups about this. We are pleased to say that there will be no compromise to our welfare standards.

KFC Halal store finder: https://www.kfc.co.uk/find-us

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