This brand has been listed as a Boycott Brand by the Witness. You can read more information here: Nestle | Israel Boycott Guide | by The Witness

This page relates to Rowntree’s, Last updated June 2022.

Nestle confirm various ingredients are used around the world and there is an increasing number of importers of foreign nestle products in the UK. So they cannot guarantee your product is 100% suitable, you will need to check the pack to make sure it is a UK product.

Nestle produces a Suitable for Vegetarian list, so some information is based on the list they provide. All products on this list are free from meat, fish and their derivatives.

Every effort has been made to assess each Rowntree’s product individually. The Jelly Tots are Halal but Nestle clearly states all sweets are made on the same line in the factory, so due to cross-contamination, we will advise against eating them.

As recently announced by Rowntree’s, the Fruit Pastilles are now Vegan, therefore halal. We will contact the brand in relation to a change in overall production where there is no longer any cross-contamination. As this news is relatively new, you may still find the haram variety available for at least a year.

  • Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles (Vegan friendly label)
  • Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles (Strawberries and Blackcurrant)(Vegan friendly label)
  • Rowntree’s Dessert Pastilles (Vegan friendly label)
  • Rowntree’s Jelly Tots (Vegan friendly label)
  • Rowntree’s Fruit Gums (Vegan friendly label)
  • Rowntree’s Pick & Mix (Vegan friendly label)
  • Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles
  • Rowntree’s Randoms
  • Rowntree’s Tooty Frooties
  • Rowntree’s Jelly Tots

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

9 thoughts on “Rowntree’s

    1. We have a separate post for the Ice Lollies coming up. But all are Halal. Rowntree’s Fruit Stack Ice Lollies, Rowntree’s Mix Pack Ice Lollies, Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Lollies

      1. What about alcohol introduced into the product by way of other ingredients. eg. Alcohol being used as a solvent in flavourings

        1. There’s a criteria the scholar’s place for when alcohol as flavourings are used, firstly it must be less than 0.1% and not added as an ingredient.

    1. Salam. Not all packets/versions are vegan friendly. So the ones with gelatine are still haram. Look out for Vegan friendly on the front of the packet. Fruit Pastilles and Jelly Tots are now vegan but production may not have changed everywhere.

  1. Have you done a change in the overall production regarding the cross contamination on the vegan products?

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