Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull is a popular energy drink and it is halal to consume. Many people think it contains real taurine, but it is synthetic. Last updated Jan 2021.

When Red Bull was asked:

Is Taurine made from bull’s testicles?
Many people bet it comes from some delicate parts of the strongest and most potent bulls in the world, but the truth is that the taurine in Red Bull is produced synthetically by pharmaceutical companies, which guarantees highest quality standards.

Taurine is not derived from animals.

Every effort has been made to assess each Red Bull product individually.



  • Red Bull Original
  • Red Bull Red Edition
  • Red Bull Sugar-Free
  • Red Bull Zero Calories
  • Red Bull Orange Edition
  • Red Bull Orange Edition Sugar-Free
  • Red Bull Tropical Edition
  • Red Bull Tropical Edition Sugar-Free
  • Red Bull Coconut Edition
  • Red Bull Coconut Edition Sugar Free

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

2 thoughts on “Red Bull

  1. This is contrary to what I was told by Halal Australia. Similar ruling on a few other energy drinks such as V, Monster, Red Bull, Mother etc. It was more to do with the alcohol content, I believe.
    Can someone please recheck the above? I am happy to assist if required.

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