Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty

This page relates to Huda Beauty, a cosmetic brand, Last updated Dec 2021. Huda Beauty are not able to provide us with a list of products, but in terms of the denatured alcohol, this is in low amounts. Carmine will be haram in lipstick but fine in blusher. We only found a few blusher sets that have carmine. Carmine gives off a red colour, so double check any red coloured products. You can red more on Carmine here: What is Carmine?

Official website: Huda Beauty Official Store

Our products are not Halal certified, certain products may contain denatured alcohol or traces and animal derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details.

Huda Beauty


Please visit the official website: Huda Beauty Official Store


Vegan specific product: Vegan Huda Beauty

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

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