Brunswick Aces

Brunswick Aces

This page relates to Brunswick Aces, Last updated Feb 2021.

Brunswick is an alcohol brand, however they have developed a 100% free from alcohol beverage. The Sapiir is also zero sugar, low calorie, gluten free and vegan.

Generally such products are made by extracting alcohol from the original beverage. Some scholars prohibit this, as it is sinful to make alcohol in the first place. Brunswick confirm they use a method that involves no alcohol.

The stills and processing room for the Sapiir (non-alcoholic gin) does not come into contact with any alcohol whatsoever. We hand distil each botanical and blend them to make Sapiir.

We therefore don’t use alcohol at all in the process and why we have been able to get into Spinneys in the Middle East with our Halal Certification.

Every effort has been made to assess each Brunswick Aces product individually. we’ve only listed the Halal product as others are alcohol based thus haram.

You can view the certificate here:



  • Hearts Blend
  • Spades Blend

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

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