The Current Conflict in Israel and Palestine

The Current Conflict in Israel and Palestine

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the world’s longest-running conflicts, has recently escalated. This conflict, deeply rooted in history, has its origins in a greed, power and nationalism. The recent surge in violence has led to a significant loss of life and a worsening humanitarian crisis.

The Occupation of Palestine

In 1948, foreign settlers supported by the UK and USA, decided to settle in Palestine, displacing Palestinians and causing mass slaughter and migration. This was known as the Nakba, the Catastrophe. The Palestinians were give two small pieces of land to live on, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (Jerusalem).

In 1967, after the six day war, Israel occupied the remaining Palestinian territories. Till this day they have military control in the West Bank and Gaza is an open air prison. Every year hundreds of Palestinians die for no reason and arent allowed to progres as a people.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine

The recent conflict has exacerbated an already dire humanitarian situation, especially in Gaza. The Israelis have bombed nearly every sector in Gaza, targeting schools, hospitals, rural areas and mosques. They have also prevented aid from reaching the civilians and cut of power supplies. To date 12000 innocent people have died in Gaza, with over 50% of them being children under 12.

Why We Must Support the Palestinians

Muslims have a special relationship with Palestinians, they are part of the ummah. When they get hurt, we get hurt. They also live in the blessed lands of previous Prophets. It hurts us to see massacre of the Palestinians peoples.

The reality of the bombardment is that innocent families, women, children, the elderly, are killed daily. People who just want to liver their lives. Israel has gone so far now, they are bombing key hospitals in the region and blowing up aid trucks.

Supporting Palestinians is not just about taking a stance against the violence and injustice they face. It’s also about acknowledging their right to self-determination and their struggle for freedom. The Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel live under various regimes of organized discrimination and oppression. Supporting them means advocating for their rights and their freedom.

What can we do

We at provide information about products that are halal. The halal status of a product is based on its ingredients and production. However, as some products we list are either open supporters of Israeli regime or fund the Israeli government and army or suppress the Palestinians or produce their products in occupied territories, we have teamed up the Witness to highlight products that should be boycotted. We should start by avoiding the luxury items.

We will be leaving a message on each product that we urge you to stop buying.

It is crucial to support the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and justice. As global citizens, we must raise our voices against injustice and stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed.

More information

For more information on the Palestinian conflict and detail on how you can help, visit:

Palestine Action

FOA – Friends of Al-Aqsa

BDS Movement

PCRF – Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Medical Aid for Palestinians

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