This page relates to the Soft Drinks range from Rubicon, an AG Barr brand. Last updated Dec 2020.

Rubicon is subject to much debate in terms of whether it is halal or not. Rubicon tell us:

We are a company specialising in making soft drinks and as such we are not in a position to define whether our soft drinks are halal or not.

However, when we have shared information on our products, such as Rubicon and IRN-BRU, with the GMWA they have confirmed that our drinks are in compliance with the rules of Shariah and are therefore Halal.

Following the development of modern analytical equipment it is now possible to detect minuscule traces of alcohol in the majority of soft drinks including fruit juices. These trace levels of alcohol can either come from the process used in the production of the flavourings that are used in some soft drinks or from the fruit juice. For example, modern analytical equipment will show trace levels of alcohol in an orange or a mango picked straight from the tree.

Flavourings are added to many thousands of food and drink products right across the UK food industry because they are an essential component in delivering and maintaining the individual products unique, characteristic taste profile preferred by their consumers. These trace levels of alcohol are so minuscule that they have no effect on the smell, colour or taste of the product and so bears no trace of its original nature. The body metabolises the alcohol faster than it is consumed, meaning it can have no possible intoxicating effect.

We hope this answers your question and that you will continue to enjoy our products.

Rubicon 2018

We are currently researching and liaising with scholars regarding Alcohol traces, the chemical process, the types, sources and more importantly what constitutes as haram. As above, the GWMA, consider the product halal. We therefore for the time being, because of scholarly acceptance, list the products that are suitable below.


– Mango – Sparkling
– Pomegranate – Sparkling
– Guava – Sparkling
– Passion Fruit – Sparkling
– Lychee – Sparkling

– Mango – Still
– Mango – Light & Fruity
– Mango – Deluxe
– Guava – Still
– Guava – Deluxe – Pineapple and Coconut – Still
– Guanabana – Deluxe
– Coconut Water – Still
– Watermelon – Still
– Lychee – Still
– Passion Fruit – Still
– Pomegranate – Still
– Mango & Coconut
– Mango, Lime & Mint

– Black Cherry Raspberry – Spring
– Lemon Lime – Spring
– Orange Mango – Spring
– Strawberry Kiwi – Spring

– Sharbat – Street Drink – Pomegranate with Rose Extract
– Agua Fresca – Street Drink – Watermelon and Lime Juice
– Nimbu Pani – Street Drink – Lemon Juice Soft Drink with Cumin Extract, Mint Flavouring
– Bissap – Street Drink – Still Pomegranate and Aronia Juice Soft Drink with Hibiscus & Ginger

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

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