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This page relates to the POM-BEAR range, KP produces a monthly list of products suitable for vegetarians and free for alcohol. Last updated Mar 2022.

The following are halal:

  • Cheese & Onion Flavour
  • Original
  • Salt & Vinegar Flavour

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

4 thoughts on “Pom-Bear

    1. Hi Andrew

      Please be aware Halal does not always refer to halal slaughter or a certain practice. It simply provides a status of permissibility for Muslims. The product above is suitable for vegetarians, i.e. free from animal substance therefore suitable for Muslims too.

      If you’d like to discuss halal, leave a comment!

  1. Hello,
    I’ve read the above comments and agree, but can you confirm that KP are NOT paying any Islamic groups (e.g. The Islamic Council) in order to use ‘Halal Certified’ logos on your products?
    I’m sure you’ll agree that customers opposed to Halal must be satisfied with your company’s policies and ethics?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Paul T.

    1. KP do not certify their products as halal, but based on the information we have on the products, we can confirm, they are suitable for consumption by Muslims.

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