This page relates to Kendamil milk, Last updated Feb 2022. Kendamil is a premium milk range that sources local ingredients for the milk powder.

According to Kendamil:

“Our facility is Halal inspected and our Classic and Organic Kendamil products are Halal certified.”

You may also notice the products contain Taurine, Kendamil confirm this is synthetic.

You can read on the benefits of breastfeeding here.


Organic Milk

  • Organic First Infant Milk 800g
  • Organic Follow On Milk 800g
  • Organic Toddler Milk 800g

Classic Milk

  • Classic First Infant Milk 900g
  • Classic First Infant Milk 400g
  • Classic Follow On Milk 900g
  • Classic Follow On Milk 400g
  • Classic Toddler Milk 900g
  • Classic Toddler Milk 400g
  • Grab & Go Kendamil Classic Follow On Milk 400g
  • Grab & Go Kendamil Classic Toddler Milk 400g
  • Grab & Go Kendamil Classic First Infant Milk 400g Classic First Infant Milk 150g

Goat Milk

  • First
  • Follow On Milk 800g
  • Toddler Milk 800g

Specialty Milk

  • Kendamil Medi+ Anti Colic 400g
  • Kendamil Medi+ Lactose Free 400g

Infant Cereal

  • Organic Banana & Strawberry Porridge
  • Organic Multigrain Porridge
  • Organic Gluten Free Porridge
  • Organic Gluten Free Fruit Breakfast
  • Organic Mango, Apple and Raspberry Muesli
  • Blueberry Porridge
  • Banana Porridge
  • Creamy Oat Porridge
  • Tomato and Carrot pasta
  • Apple and Blackcurrant

Childhood Nutrition

  • Kendakids Strawberry 400g
  • Kendakids Chocolate 400g
  • Kendakids Banana 400g

Pregnancy Supplements

  • Kendamum

Recipes may change so always check the ingredients on the pack.

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