5 pillars of Islam

5 pillars of Islam

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What are the five pillars of Islam

The five pillars are:

1. Shahadah
This is testimony to that there is no deity except Allah that is worthy of worship and Prophet Muhammad is his final Messenger on the earth.

2. Salah
This is the Muslim prayer that must be performed 5 times a day, 1) Dawn, 2) Afternoon, 3) Late Afternoon, 4) Sunset and 5) Night

3. Zakah
This is where Muslims who meet a certain threshold must pay 2.5% of their total savings to the poor and needy

4) Sawm
This is where Muslims fast for 30 days, from the break of dawn to sunset in the month of Ramadan.

5) Hajj
This is the Muslim pilgrimage to the City of Makkah where the Kaaba lies. Muslim perform a number of rituals here.

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