Gregg’s is a popular outlet for people to eat and for Muslims too but they are not halal. In an email they have told us,

Currently, we don’t offer a Halal range. We get requests for many specialist ranges, including Halal, and the challenge for us at Gregg’s is that most of our shops are very small with limited display space so we try to offer food that will appeal to everyone. We are continuously looking at what our customers are asking for to offer the food you want from Gregg’s.

We hope to see you in our shops again soon.

Kind Regards

Gregg’s have also confirmed that no alcohol is used in the production of the Cheese & Onion pasties. Sandwich preparation involves preparation tables being cleaned between each type of sandwich, but they cannot guarantee no cross-contamination has occurred due to the small size of kitchens.

This also applied to the making of the pastries as batches are prepared together and put in the oven.

We suggest you ask whether cross-contamination could have occurred at each outlet you visit.