Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is the second largest pizza outlet in the world but is it halal? We got in touch with Domino’s headquarters to find out more. In an email dated 17/06/2019, we were told: is a not for profit website. Please support us by spreading the word on We also have recipes, scholars biographies and many articles. You can share this post using the share links below.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email – we understand the emotion around halal meat and I appreciate you taking the time to give us your comments.

It is a tenet of our company that we will not allow un-stunned slaughter anywhere in our food chain and we regularly audit our suppliers.

Some of our chicken is halal slaughtered however it is all stunned to ensure that the chicken is rendered unconscious and insensitive to pain prior to slaughter.

Please note that our chicken wings are not from chickens that have been halal slaughtered.

Full ingredient information can be found on our website:

I hope this answers all your questions and we have noted your comments.

Domino’s Pizza Customer Care Team

Domino’s position is clear in the above post. Stunned slaughtered meat is accepted by some scholars, so with authentic certification, this can still be halal. It still begs the question of where the halal chickens are served and whether there is any cross contamination. We are aware of a ‘halal’ Domino’s in Bradford, we thought we’d find out more.

Speaking to a manager

We spoke to a Domino’s Pizza branch in Bradford, known to be halal. The manager informed us that the ‘chicken is not halal today.’ i.e. on some days its halal and other days its not halal. They receive the chicken marked halal or not halal, and cannot say what the next batch will be. Customers are required to enquire when they call.

We further enquired whether there is any cross contamination. The manager confirmed their current processes do not allow making pizzas separately from those using ham and other meats, etc. This would be the case for vegetarian pizzas too. Pizzas are made in the same oven.

The manager stressed, he cannot say the pizzas are halal at all, even when halal chicken is used as cross contamination is possible. Pizzas may touch each other on busy days or topping may fall on to the oven floor, and new pizzas placed on top. Domino’s did say, on request they will endeavour to use fresh ingredients i.e. ingredients not touch with gloves/hands that may have touched other meats. He confirmed staff do not usually wear gloves but on request will endeavour to wash hands. recommends Muslims to avoid Domino’s because of a high chance of cross contamination.